Stage Door Cartoon

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

This is a good looking early Elmer. “You treacherous miscreant!” he says. He’s hunting wabbits. Somehow, illogically, they move from a sylvan setting to the stage of a Vaudeville theatre. Illogic works with these cartoons, of course.

When that curtain opens Elmer finds himself in that classic anxiety scenario, out on a stage without a script or an idea of what you’re supposed to do. Bugs does too, but of course this situation doesn’t phase him a bit. He falls back on the exact same dance he used, or would use, in Show Biz Bugs. The piano is very well used—there’s some great business in which Elmer gets all caught up in its works. That high dive comes out of nowhere, and prefigures Freleng’s Fearless Freep stuff in High Diving Hare. And Elmer really does dive into a mere glass of water.

Audiences should be aware that Elmer performs a strip tease. It is a jaw-dropper—very funny, nice and inappropriate. At the end they actually start a Bugs cartoon, and a bit of home-grown Hollywood steps out. Stage Door Cartoon is not a whole, but the bits are very good.