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Star Trek: Generations

Film Review by Dean Duncan Feb 4, 2015

The prologue is affecting, in a flabby way. Jim dies for us! After that, flabby becomes flaccid. This is a pretty poor movie! (The sequence in that star-field room is quite cool, I guess.) The issues here are identical to the ones covered (more effectively) way back in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). It’s interesting how they also conclude this particular cinematic reboot by bringing back issues nearly identical to the ones that energized The Menagerie, which is to say the original series pilot from 1966. Homage, or imaginative exhaustion? The Patrick Stewart TV series is quite good, so let’s assume it’s merely a misstep. Anyway, regardless of the reason the illusion this time is not effective, or even acceptable. Look: Jim dies for us again!

I am a fan, and multiply. So I find myself making allowances for sentimentality’s sake. But it’s a strain!

I’m normally against malicious Shatner opprobrium. I think he’s great. Still, the mannerisms can get on your nerves, can’t they? “It … was … FUN!”

Say! That’s no way to end things. Here’s William Shatner, mannerist triumphant: