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Stop Making Sense

Film Review by Dean Duncan Apr 17, 2014

At this distance it’s clear that a lot of contemporary critics got carried away. It’s a cool movie and all, but the greatest concert film ever? I know I’m a stick in the mud, but not with Worrel, Weir and Scales being so consistently silly. And the people who are not David Byrne are actually kind of boring, or kind of awkward. (The Tom-Tom Club and its contribution are complete write-offs.) As for the main man, he is one eccentric guy! And awfully magnetic, too. It turns out that there are lots of ways to be charismatic. There’s a truth worth celebrating! The incremental staging, the gradual elaborating and filling of the stage space is also pretty cool. Nice lighting. Big suit! All of this does come together quite stunningly during “Life During Wartime.” Actually, that number is so good, as performed on stage, and as captured and cut on film, that it may even compete for the greatest concert sequence ever.