Street Angel

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 29, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Frank Borzage’s astonishing #StreetAngel. Apropos, you guys need to know about this:

#StreetAngel. Marked by, not marred by film’s then transition to sound.

#StreetAngel. The camera work in the prologue is as athletical, as electrifying as it’s possible for film to be …

… Miraculously, the prologue has a depth of feeling to match its technical virtuosity.

#StreetAngel. Please note the long, luminous, heartbreaking farewell sequence. Great e.g. of film, even silent, being legitimately operatic.

#StreetAngel. What an interesting variation on the parable of the prodigal, crossed, maybe, w’ Dostoievsky’s Sonia …

Technically fallen, but actually, essentially blameless, & even salvific.

#StreetAngel.. Can be very productively compared w’ Borzage’s sort of similar, similarly stunning #StrangeCargo. Please do so!

#StreetAngel the last. Janet Gaynor!!