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Superman II

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 26, 2015

My gosh! Christopher Reeve was a fine actor, and a beautiful specimen. That big mute bad guy ends up being pretty funny, and there are some happy Richard Lester-type gags (i.e. the ice cream cone). Other than that, disaster! Wim Wenders’ angels (1987, 1993) come down for all sorts of profound reasons, and having characters make mistakes and repent of sins is completely valid. Scorcese/Schrader (not to mention Nikos Kazantzakis) are reckless but insightful when they consider the fall of Divinity. But coming down off of the cross, or abandoning your salvific responsibilities for this? Ms. Kidder is in an impossible position here, but boy does she not bear the weight of this situation! Those two matched dining scenes could actually be effective, except that they reduce these portentous matters to displays of strength, which is to say beating people up. Boo!