Film Review by Dean Duncan May 26, 2015

This is an out and out commercial. And the world would be a better place if advertising always behaved like this.  The Way Things Work leads quite naturally to Why You Should Buy. This kind of r&d probably goes into a lot of products, but they don’t tell us about it/we don’t care about it. Maybe we should go to more trade shows. Mind you, the proliferation of engineering and scientifical details still leaves me with my eyes crossed. How dumb can a person be?

At the end, though, and having utterly earned it, the Eameses leave us with pretty plausible images of customers whose lives have been enriched by their products. Is this cheating? The photos have obviously been taken by the Eames team. And of course they’re beautiful. How ’bout this? Let’s not think in terms of cheating. Rather, let’s rejoice in beautiful products that we can buy, use and enjoy!