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The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Draft Review by Dean Duncan Jun 3, 2015

A very peculiar movie, stiff (language difficulties?) and challenged by the need to have one character carry most everything, strangely appealing for a’ that, especially as that character is something of a maiden aunt who starts to turn kind of loopy in addition to taking the usually cited imperialistic liberties, it’s actually not that simple a story, as Europe’s civilizedness has put her out of touch with all she needs to survive in and savour the natural world, and Crusoe’s privations partly restore that world to him, though the wilderness is subdued it remains a small victory in terms of need and happiness, as these frail Europeans seem a tad insufficient from the start, also we can’t miss the irony of an early exchange with Friday: you, Friday; me, Master; we, friends!, after all he’s been wrecked while on a slaving errand–retribution? fate?, he’s better to Friday going out than he would have been coming in; great colour, great beards, a bit of Buñuel, I fancy, in an amazing dream sequence with a mocking dead dad and an excess of tantalizing water, in the violence of the Friday saving cannibal deaths, and in Crusoe’s discomfiture when he sees this brown boy dressed up like a girl, contrived way out from the dilemma, though I can’t much remember the book, in the end, 28 years is a pretty poignant amount of time