The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Film Review by Dean Duncan Feb 24, 2015

Hey, this is the very title of  AC Doyle’s first collection of Holmes stories (1892)! Very crafty of them. Especially since the film doesn’t really resemble any of those stories at all. Ah, weel, that is how the film industry does business. This is no reason not to subscribe, however.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is very good in creating an atmosphere, and quite good enough on the sense or story that exists within it. I enjoyed the distribution of mystery elements, and especially the plot’s various misdirections. These are, of course, designed to keep us guessing, or lead us astray. Professor Moriarty himself is responsible for the best of these misdirections, as he has contrived a very nice decoy mystery in order to better complete his preferred, more nefarious task.

That little kid made Dr. Watson make a really funny face. The murder in that dark park is superbly judged, managing to be both fearsome and pitiable. South America ends up being used a little generically, a little unconvincingly and even uninterestingly. It is just here, mind, that we find the affecting Ms. Lupino. So, you never know. Commercial films are always providing wondrous little things while they seem to be going through the motions. And the robbery of the Crown Jewels, which is not a little thing at all, is brought off superbly. Moriarty’s demise follows (for the present anyway).  It is actually quite shocking. You never know what good things these little movies might hold in store for you.