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The Class

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 18, 2015

You have to admire the process that led to this sincere and substantial film. Cast social actors, collaborate with them to insure that the material is authentic, or as authentic as possible. You have to admire the results too, the general impression of honesty and reality. Still, it’s interesting that, for all of the sociological detail and anti-melodramatic ambiguity (of whom do we completely approve? whom can we completely condemn?), this still feels like The Blackboard Jungle. Meaning that it’s worthy, it’s definitely topical, and finally feels like a piece of product. I might be overstating here, but it feels like beneath the verité veneer the language and the assumptions and stereotypes of the oppressor are still prevailing. I’m not condemning mind you, certainly not outright. You’ve got to sell yourself, or at least reassure the investors. For instance that whole “skank” episode is quite masterfully and terribly rendered. It’s effective dramatically, and extremely instructive ideologically. Class is a reality. And such a deep, monstrous inadequacy! Contrived then, and so implausible, and definitely worthy.