The Consequences of Feminism

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 1, 2015

I don’t know if this really demonstrates the consequences of feminism, or if it’s even, very seriously, meant to. But the central concept sure is consistently and successfully maintained here, to the point, maybe or even, of sustaining the idea behind it. Again, Guy makes a whole film about a pretty simple situation. Gender roles are switched, with men that are not only effeminate, but impressively vulnerable and affectionate and nurturing, pitted against a bunch of basically blustery women. They are gallant, or they urge or even enforce their will upon the now weaker, and fairer, sex.

This is just one film, and Guy is just one woman, and there is not only a conservative, but maybe even a reactionary tinge to this film. But still, the attitudes, and the implications, are quite specific, distinct, electrifying. Visually/directorially, these compositions are pretty straightforward. The distribution of characters, however, the bringing in and blocking and sending out of an unusual number of individuals and groups, is adept to the point of virtuosity.

It looked like we were going to get a temperance conclusion. Then the reforming gentlemen conclude things by enjoying a drink together. I, personally, teetotal. Nevertheless, I rejoice in their shared cheer.