Silly Symphonies

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The Cookie Carnival

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 6, 2015

I wonder if the folks at MGM were thinking about this film when they designed Munchkin land? There are real similarities in the later singing section, as the different cookies do very short bits, and the music shifts very quickly a la Franz Liszt or Brian Wilson (not to mention Carl Stalling). The exposition is attractive, a kids’ Arabian Nights parade of bountiful sweetness. Unlike often, they don’t proceed to threadbare antagonism. Instead they go to smarmy romance, with a slightly unsightly Cinderella/Johnny Lingo tinge to it. We learn that a woman’s worth or beauty are predicated on a man’s estimation thereof. The men who fight over this female at the end balance things out, I guess. Everyone, men and woman, looks bad here.

The title cards for the Silly Symphonies are always very carefully, very beautifully fashioned. This one also features Pinto Colvig, who voiced Goofy, among other things, in multiple roles.