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The Courage of Lassie

Draft Review by Dean Duncan Jun 17, 2015

Most weird, not so much for the postcardy setting and the hysterical Cathy character, as portrayed with almost hopped up wholesomeness by Ms. Taylor, as the quite developments of “Bill” the dog’s induction into the army, training as a commando dog, masochistic heroism and sudden breakage from excess of strain, followed by escape, return home, chicken killing and criminal trial (!), in which the wizard of Oz trots out his earlier bunk about man being dog’s god, and an aquittal’s acclaimed as a deus ex machina’s revealed that Bill’s actually a war hero, and as our boys and bowsers have been knocked awry while labouring on our behalf, we need to give plenty of room and allowance for complete recovery; a fine message of course, and an interesting document to remind us that artsy “Best Years” and Let There Be Lights and the Mens were not the only status and level of direct address secular missionary work going on after the war