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The Cranes Are Flying

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 21, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #TheCranesAreFlying. The camera deserves a personal fitness merit badge! Astonishing mobility, to the point of heroism even …

… There’s really nothing like it, unless it’s (d.) Kalatozov & (c.) Urusevsky further collaborating in ’60 & ’64. Inspiring. Unbelievable!

#TheCranesAreFlying. Propaganda? Maybe, but honourably. Do we ever consider that our adversaries might also believe, & deeply?

#TheCranesAreFlying. Propaganda? Maybe it’s more a historical pageant, simultaneously celebratory & elegaic …

… not unlike Ford’s Drums Along the Mohawk (or Ford ’24/I, the opening of ’36/I, ’39/II, ’41/II, ’45, ’46, ’49, ’50/I, ’53 even)! …

… I’m grateful for both, and find them both to be surpassing beautiful.