The Ducksters

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

“Truth or Aaaaggh!” The radio parody doesn’t much register these days, but the sadism certainly does! This gleefully brutal concoction is more pleasing than, say, the superficially similar Wabbit Trouble. Why? Is it because Elmer is innocent, but the media really is at fault? The malice has a referent and thus, in part, a morality?

“Here’s your pot, Jack.” There are lots and lots of really superb non-sequiturs (questions, punishments, etc.). Is this film really about trying to make it in the movies? It kind of is, isn’t it? Pick another major, kids!

“Next contestant, please”—in the end The Ducksters is more or less Eugene Ionesco’s The Lesson! Which wasn’t published or performed until the next year … Once again, though they’re nominally just for kids, or mere product, these productions are constantly bigger and more important than we really realize.