Adventure II

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The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blan-Sec

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Aug 21, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw L. Besson’s #TheExtraordinaryAdventuresofAdèleBlancSec. Don’t know the original, but this adaptation sure summons & honours numbers of distinguished predecessors …

… Verne, M. LeBlanc, Feuillade, Hergé, all comprehended & combined in a fresh, charming, decidedly non-noisy, nearly-family adventure. Fun!

#TheExtraordinaryAdventuresofAdèleBlancSec. An expensive blockbuster that concludes quietly, humourously, tenderly.

#TheExtraordinaryAdventuresofAdèleBlancSec. Lots of digital, but turn off the sound, turn from the plot & be ravished by tranquil, effortlessly rendered Parisian glories.