Overrated II

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The Godfather Part II

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Apr 10, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #GodfatherII. Mightily impressed as a youngster. What was I thinking, I’m now thinking! Not nearly as important as it is self-important.

#GodfatherII. Still almost unbearably handsome, but how did all these ham-handed and tin-eared scenes make it through? …

… Behavioural, emotional, familial implausibilities abounding.  Women & children especially ill-served.

#GodfatherII. Can’t see that the temporal back & forth helps particularly, or means much. Vito’s a nicer murderer than Michael? …

… Also, even allowing for the paranoid opacities of 70’s US cinema, seems unnecessarily murky in the plotting department.

#GodfatherII. Still, that prologue!