Moral Tales I

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The Great O’Malley

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 8, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw William Dieterle’s sentimental, uber-coincidental #TheGreatOMalley. Why not? This time the moonshine all goes to the support …

… of a fine social sermon about spirit leavening the law’s letter. Also a great, typical example of fast/tough/efficient early 30s’ cinema.

#TheGreatOMalley. It’s kind of Bicycle Thieves by way of A Christmas Carol, except that this time it’s not Scrooge but Javert that’s reclaimed …

… Help! I’ve pulled an intertextual muscle!

#TheGreatOMalley. FDR notwithstanding, we have here an old, under-contemplated American conundrum. Charity is fine, but how ‘bout some systemic reform?