Craft III

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The Man in the White Suit

Draft Review by Dean Duncan May 26, 2015

Exemplary farce, partly because the farce is so quiet (is that possible?), with the fast and furious goings on presented so reservedly and with such stable frame compositions and superbly measured camera moves, fascinating female characters–the boss’s daughter and the union maid–unique and thorny and unapologetic, Guinness is very fine, the explosions montage is full of clever variations on the same theme, and ends with a pleasingly suspenseful non-explosion that yields the desired scientific discovery, the blinding white suit is an amusing prop, and it’s coming apart at the end is only obvious after it’s already come apart; what’s best is that there’s no facile soap-boxing: this marvellous discovery would be great for the mankind, not to mention the consumer, but it would be disastrous for capital which would have nothing more to sell and more disastrous even for labour which would have nothing more to make, and both groups are being greedy and self-centred, but they’re also both right