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The Memories of Angels

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Mar 19, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw Luc Bourdon’s intensely Montréal-worshipping #TheMemoriesofAngels. Montréal appears to be worthy of every bit of its ardent devotion.

#TheMemoriesofAngels utilizes most all of Sergei Eisenstein’s famous Methods of Montage (Film Form, ’49). Contra the pugnacious Soviets, however …

… there’s nothing here of conflict, nor of revolution. Instead, its all serenity, luminosity. This is up there w’ Humphrey Jennings/Stewart McAllister’s Listen to Britain  (1942) …

… which is as good as intellectual/emotional film assembly gets, or which is as good as film gets, period.

#TheMemoriesofAngels is a compilation film; don’t multiply, just replenish the earth. In fact, w’ material this beautiful in the archives, why shoot at all?

#TheMemoriesofAngels. I’m noticing that all of this exquisite imagery was created entirely outside of commercial/corporate context. Documentary 101, lesson # 1 …

The film: