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The Naked Island

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jun 18, 2015 @deanduncan63

So glad to have seen Kaneto Shindo’s incredibly nervy & accomplished #TheNakedIsland, which we’d missed at last year’s BFI/NFT retrospective.

 #TheNakedIsland. Sisyphus demythologized, or played out in real time and space. Process & typicality, combined w’ deepest archetype.

#TheNakedIsland. The national & cultural traditions/precedents don’t really match up, but this is Genesis 3: 16, 19 …

… Children, borne in sorrow. Sweat, thorns, thistles. Lone, dreary! With, perhaps, an intimation of something more. Just stunning.

#TheNakedIsland. Subsistence cinema—not unprecedented, but in pretty rare & rigorous company …

… Put it right up there w’ Man of Aran, Vidas Secas, Heartland.

#TheNakedIsland. Setting & style are obviously way different, but this is quite similar to, practically as impressive as Ray’s Pather Panchali

… That, by the way, is the highest praise, the most exalted comparison that I can offer. This film is that good!