Parables II

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The Necktie

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 16, 2015

Biting the hand that feeds? The Necktie appears to be portraying State bureaucracy as an all-consuming, soul destroying Moloch. Then what about the state organization that sponsored this very production? Well, I guess that only means that it’s a free country, and since this issue is real and this scenario possible (not to mention relatable to alienated labour and all sorts of other things), then it should all be raised.

In some ways the actual target doesn’t matter so much. Like in a Frederick Wiseman film, the evidence can be used by any side to which the spectator might happen to belong. More to the point, The Necktie is a perfect example of the objective correlative. Ironing crumpled papers which, without your knowing it, get taken around the corner to be shredded. Sounds like a pretty great figure for bureaucratic futility. The conclusion is hopeful, without being ridiculous. Art consoles, and it could do more than that if we wanted it to. The mixed media are fantastic, as concept, and just plain formally.