The Picture of Dorian Gray

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 29, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw Albert Lewin’s #ThePictureofDorianGray. Contrary to that old filmmaker’s saw, talky, blabby movies can too work …

… especially when the design & performance & concept beneath all that dialogue are so apt & expert.

#ThePictureofDorianGray. MGM does right by Oscar Wilde’s provocative walk on the wild side, which is also, even more …

… a fine Sunday School lesson on the perils of dalliance. Value added: also a clear child’s intro to expressionism (inner states made figuratively external).

#ThePictureofDorianGray. H. Hatfield looks beautiful, or maybe like a death’s mask, or even a burn victim. Also, he never hardly moves, at all! Very nicely done.