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The Romance of Transportation in Canada

Film Review by Dean Duncan Mar 19, 2015

Early days for a future film giant. Who is he? These links give a sense, at the same time that they just scratch the surface:

The Canadian Encyclopedia:

A Quebec perspective: 

The Film Board:

So much more, and so worth your while! For now, this very early film …

Compare these graphics to the similarly adventurous Gerald McBoing-Boing films. I’ve always found them to be faintly compromised, morally speaking (outsider protagonist seemingly accepted, actually co-opted by that radio network, and strictly for commerce’s sake). This one? Just a bit bland.

Problems with the totality? Look for the details. Here, the title lettering is really cool, the ox is a great character, the snow sections are beautiful, you might even say authoritative. That overhead prairie shot looks real.

See for yourself: