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The Searchers

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Aug 21, 2014 @deanduncan63

Saw John Ford’s #TheSearchers. So imperfect, in so many ways. Still, & even as a result, just as beautiful, just as overwhelming as the critics always say.

#TheSearchers is enormous & epical, & had me thinking curiously/productively about Homer …

… What if we put Debby & Ethan & Marty, their captivity & their quest, next to Helen, or Hector, next to Odysseus or Penelope? …

… What changes when one story’s spouses/lovers turn into another story’s tender children?

#TheSearchers was produced as product, & is very thoroughly of its time (cf. Brian Henderson’s oft & properly cited Film Quarterly essay, ca. 1980) …

… Still, & at the same time, it has the heft & expanse to justify its entry into a mythological canon, or even pantheon. Literally, multiply awe-inspiring.