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The Small Back Room

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 18, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #TheSmallBackRoom. We remember, celebrate, sometimes get impatient w’ Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger …

… for the consistent, insistent ambition & grandeur of their films. Look at what happens when they dial it back! …

… Much reduced in scale, in volume, in expanse. Not a bit diminished in power!

#TheSmallBackRoom. A milestone in its frankly modest, modestly frank portrayal of two adults who share a complete relationship …

… That’s somewhat in the background. Front & centre, alcohol, abused. But what perceptiveness, patience, & mercy! Very stirring, very moving.

#TheSmallBackRoom. Film buffs’ bonus: compare Farrar & Byron’s parts here to what was going on between them in P&P’s Black Narcissus (q.v.)!