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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 8, 2015

Hein Heckroth and Michael Powell, together again! There’s no reason—other than the stranglehold of the conventional feature film, and people’s basic philistinism—that really cinematic films can’t be dedicated to dance, or music, or the arts in general. The apprentice is a woman. Were our principles inspired by how James Barrie and subsequent generations caste the part of Peter Pan? They also contrive a beautiful device by which they represent the rising water.  The broom conceit is also impressively resourceful, and the matter of fact, suspend-your-disbelief splitting of the broom is actually quite spectacular. It reminded me of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s wonderfully straightforward and simple take (1964) on Christ and the loaves and the fishes. A terrific little film.