The Tall T

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan Jul 9, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw #TheTallT. Mixes all sorts of moods and tones, yet always maintains a serene, even majestic consistency. 74 minutes/a small, perfect jewel.

#TheTallT. Antagonism unto sociopathology (Silva!). Antagonism, w’ glimmers of possible reclamation (Boone). Decency, resourcefulness …

… reluctant/righteous anger (Scott!) win out. It’s an exciting yarn, all right, but these vivid characters make it so much more than that.

#TheTallT. The Maureen O’Sullivan character might seem a mere prop or puppet, as in too many 50s films. But look & listen, & feel …

… This isn’t marginalization, & it’s certainly not objectification. What’s actually here is almost shocking. It’s chivalry! Very moving.