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The Three Musketeers (1939)

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 9, 2015

At 72 minutes it’s clearly just a program picture. Hooray for Hollywood (and the pioneering, extraordinarily prolific and long-contributing Allan Dwan): the technical credits, the look and lighting and design and direction of the thing are all shimmering anyway. The romantic parts are kind of all wet, but this film is still chock full of pleasing diversion. The Ritzes are superb, and Dwan knows what to do with them. (Forward to Jerry Lewis!) The costume switch effectively and permanently bypasses the hierarchical or ideological components of the original. Ameche’s mooning and heroism are generic. Other than that, the peasants win! That first fight is fantastic. “If you touch me, I’ll scream!” With all of this craft and kind conviction, the famous resolution with the missing and then restored brooch—very nicely executed—matters to us after all. It is with affection and admiration that I suggest that “Voilà, Voilà, Voilà” is one of the worst musical themes ever.