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The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets

Film Review by Dean Duncan Aug 5, 2015

This kind of defiantly local, defiantly lo-fi stuff is really important. Why should everyone have to get funding and rent equipment and hire actors and all? DJ, remix, repurpose, appropriate, steal. The commons, freedom of speech and all. The grains and vert hold problems can be tolerated. Mind you, D.I.Y. often means done clumsily, or tastelessly. How did the clips of those ecstatic guys help the cause? Well. More pointedly, how amazing to hear what Winnipegers felt about the loss of that franchise They dork around with the footage, but that final game ceremony is very touching. The glimpses of Oiler hostility are also fascinating. Also, the Hawerchuck speech, Gene Principe, the popcorn story, Kurri’s deadly shot, Selanne—who comes off very well indeed—the hilarious and then sobering Oiler bearing, Jet hating Winnipeg native. Here’s to regional voices.