George Méliès

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The Witch’s Revenge

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 19, 2015

The chair that turns into the guy! This is one of his best ever trick cuts. The placement of the portable stage is just right. It’s clearly taken from contemporary theatrical practice. This makes it historically interesting, and also, potentially, useful for contemporarily purposes. They did it right then, and it worked beautifully. Today we would do well to learn these compositional lessons as well.

As usual this film is for fun, but the way that these underlings overcome authority, or that anarchy defeats order, has added significance that is more than just recreational. As usual, part two, especially with regard to Flicker Alley/FPA’s presentation of this material, there’s some real musical pleasure here. The theme at first is stated simply, and then there are elaborations and increases in dynamics and instrumental forces. Most capable!