This Is Not a Film

Tweet Review by Dean Duncan May 28, 2015 @deanduncan63

Saw J. Panahi’s #ThisIsNotaFilm. A piquant provocation, in part. Minimalism edges toward cheeky non-entity. Cf. Mr. Kiarostami, of course.

#ThisisnotaFilm. Cheeky non-entity, or the de-facto non-existence of a house-arrested political prisoner. This is making the best of a bad situation …

… w’ a twinkle in the eye even, & certainly a catch in the throat. Fury & despair attend, however, just outside of frame. Deferential. Fierce!

#ThisisnotaFilm is fascinatingly reminiscent of W. Wenders/P. Handke The Goalie’s Anxiety … (1972). It’s disconcertingly, oppressively one-sided/half-plotted …

… while the rest of the world is a menacing structuring absence, out of sight, out of ken, & clearly closing in.