The Three Stooges

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Three Little Beers

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

This one is appealing, with some good jokes, and it’s a bit too sloppy to quite hit the stratosphere. The way the boys are introduced is always fun. There’s a conventional prologue in which someone announces a problem, and then the existence of three new people who we hope are going to help solve it. These things never quite work out for the forces of rationality, do they?

The impossible pile o’ kegs is very nice, and the inevitable disaster before they go a-delivering. Their press conference in the country club is good as well. The fact of the country club is amusingly suspect; looks like a Mack Sennett-like excuse to me. That’s how these thoroughly industrial products were made, after all. After the silly costumes, the boys each get some nice solo business. Curly goes after that tree. Moe chunks out a ton of divots. Larry pulls that root. A number of immigrant gardeners complain, and we sympathize with them too. People got the power!