The Three Stooges

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Uncivil Warriors

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

That’s a really dumb title. I love how the supporting players in films like this so often overact. Are they trying to make their mark as they vie for the big time? Did the director forget to strategize about and impose a consistent or plausible comic tone? Or are these productions basically scrambled eggs, providing no time for strategy or anything else but banging it together? In that case, what great examples of vulgar modernism (c.f. J. Hoberman, 1991). There are some beautiful shots here, like the set camera way back there, looking perpendicularly at a forest out of which three really short and dumpy guys burst out. Curly: “I was lost in the forest.  All by myself.” There’s nothing comically immortal in this one, though the inadvertently three layered cake generates some fun. The feather joke goes on and on; good for them, I say.