Vive le Tour

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 16, 2015

This is really nice. Less artful, less amazing than the more or less contemporary 60 Cycles, but it’s also more event-centered, more textured and typical. Here is narration with a difference. They’ve got a number of experienced people making really insightful observations, sometimes under footage that illustrates exactly, and sometimes independent of what we’re seeing. I guess that this would eventually turn into colour commentary on the TV, but here it’s more spontaneous, more unguarded. The result is real authority and authenticity, on a number of levels.

We see how important this is to France (especially if you’re a nun or a priest)—there’s lots and lots of terrific spectator footage. The pusher part is especially fun, and old-days. The spectators are trying to get involved, and could you ever get away with it in the media-sated present? There’s some lovely footage demonstrating real solidarity between riders, helping each other in any number of ways. The doping discussion properly introduces a shadow and, as always, a crash really stimulates your sympathetic feelings. That skull-cracked guy! Great ending, with that series of extremely close follows of agonized faces. Are they the ones who won? It doesn’t even matter! Cool music, too.