Ben and Me

Film Review by Dean Duncan Mar 26, 2015

Spoon fulls of sugar are okay, when the medicine still goes down. (Even though that’s utterly the wrong way to discuss educational media, the best of which is full of bracing natural sugars, and doesn’t remotely need any special urging or apology!) Suggesting that a little mouse was responsible for Benjamin Franklin’s many world-shaking accomplishments probably isn’t. Do we judge this to be a reasonable misstep in the service of a worthy project? Or is it just really stupid?

My youngest daughter report that Mrs. _, from the _ Elementary School, shows Ben and Me every year, and that every time she tells the kids that the mouse part of the story is fictional. My second oldest daughter, born 10 years before the last one, reports the exact same experience, from the exact same teacher.

Really stupid, let’s make it.