Bowery Bugs

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

Directed by Arthur Davis, eh? There’s a frame story with Bugs as a barker, telling a tale to that old guy on the Brooklyn Bridge. His account includes a really striking photomontage, which brings us to the the film or plot proper. Which no one seems to care particularly about. Bowery Bugs is mostly gags-a-poppin’, and most of them are very good. Mind you, some of those good jokes (“do you want your palm read/ red?”) are also really lame. On purpose, probably; sometimes happy high spirits are sufficient.  Mind you, pt. 2, there is a bit of substance lurking at the margins. If they would only leave Bugs alone! All of the cruelty comes as a result of that strength encroaching on apparent weakeness. Even though he doesn’t say it—“of course you know, this means war.” The way Bugs keeps singing while the guy prepares to murder him is priceless. The bunny proliferation at the end is very Droopy Dawg.