The Three Stooges

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Cash and Carry

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

Look out! There are two orphans, and one of them is crippled! Also, Roosevelt shows up at the end. This is the first rearing of sentimentality’s ugly head. Those grifters right things nicely, what with their deception being so nasty. Plus, Curly wallops Moe right on the head with a sledgehammer. The cut is perfect, as is that slightly non-matching sound effect (ding!). A truly, truly great moment.

Later the Stooges are digging to China. (Let’s not bother explaining.) All of the business down in the pit, their utilization of the space, the crossing and radiating lines, are all quite sublime. Love these guys!

P.S. We LOVED the Farrellys’ 2012 Three Stooges homage, which is so thorough, so attuned as to be a practical reconstitution of the orginal glory.