The Three Stooges

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Dizzy Doctors

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

This one is at the disorganized end of the scale. It doesn’t do much with the fact that the boys are married. They’re sleeping together—symmetrically, and it’s about noon. The wives are not pleased, so out they go. What can we conclude here? What with two of the Stooges being brothers and all, it’s not homosexual relations that come to mind. The impossibility of lasting union and accord? That homosociality is more natural, more comfortable at least than the frictions of marriage? Just being silly? The latter, most likely. Consult Stan and Ollie if you want more elaboration on this subject.

Fast motion has been used to greater effect during the course of film history. Brighto’s paint removing properties are fun. Predictably, Dizzy Doctors really takes off at the hospital, where the boys misbehave quite delightfully. The best gag takes place on that gurney, where the slow unpeeling finally reveals an unsuspected fourth guy, the poor patient, at the very bottom of the pile.