Easter Yeggs

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

How to multiply?! The Easter Bunny is depressed. Bug steps in. There’s some funny wrestling with that redhead. I like the range of emotional responses that Bugs has to his duties, and to the challenges related thereto. His family! Elmer, who is subject to travails that are like unto the Coyote, enters in.  The Easter Bunny, and always in danger of being blasted. It’s amazing how bold they were with the gender stuff (cf. the tunnel of love). The watch and hammer gag is well executed. There’s some very good verbal patter. The multiple doors are funny. There’s a Buñuelian explosion at the end. This picture has real Dionysian substance, real Dionysian value. As Euripides (cf. Nietszche) suggested to the point of a definitive demonstration, order can tend to excess. You need a little chaos, once in a while.