Hare Conditioned

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

I find this one to be kind of unattractive, but there are lots of good jokes. There’s some very nice musical mickey-mousing, so typical of cartoons that tell the story both on the picture and the sound track. The nature/culture trick is funny—this sylvan setting is actually in a showroom (cf. Tati’s Trafic). The unctuous manager (amusing/annoying) whisks Bugs off to the taxidermy department! Cool, unusual whip pans and speed visuals chart their course. They slip in an actual ribald joke when Bugs dresses up like a woman. By this point, I think, they’ve earned it. The multi-costume chase is very nicely conceived and executed. The lingerie shot! Horrible, hilarious. There are some further Tex-like impossibilities in the elevator. They bring the stairs in—once again, very strikingly visualized. Familiar, good. That is a really nice surprise ending! Make Bugs pay, at least once in a while!