Hare Do

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

Elmer is using a wabbit detector. “I got up at quarter to five.” That theatre is showing Anthony Adverse. The pardon me/excuse me bit, where Bugs repeatedly, and then repeatedly again gets in and out of his row, is really obnoxious, really knowing, really funny. Also very funny are the change options on that vending machine. The ridiculous, hyperbolic movie palace is nicely imagined and detailed. It’s running Backwash, starring Hopalong Shapiro.

I notice that Elmer is the same size as the animal characters, which is especially evident when he stands next to the strictly atmospheric adult extras. Bugs does some costume and character switches here, sort of like he makes Daffy do in Duck Amuck. The difference, of course, is that Bugs is in charge of this whole affair. The climactic in-the-front, in-the-dark sequence is really well imagined and executed. That lion discreetly eats Elmer off screen. Required of them, probably, but the indirectness actually makes the conclusion even more cheeky.