Wackicki Wabbit

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

We start with two men, lost at sea, and starting to indulge in cannibal fantasies. These cartoons can entertain your family in so many different wholesome ways. The backgrounds are completely, outlandishly stylized. Eventually these drifters sight an island, manage to get ashore, and find Bugs there. He engages in some really funny Hawaiian gibberish, sort of reminiscent of a similar section in Tex Avery’s Magical Maestro, but maybe a little more carefully researched. The puppet chicken part leads to an ingenious round of comical theme and variations. There’s a dock on this island? I love how cartoons take these outlandish liberties. Mind you, the Hawaii/shipwreck setting/situation suggests that some sense or purpose is in order, even in cartoons.