IBM Mathematics Peep Show

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 26, 2015

This is a record of an installation, which again suggests how far and how helpfully the Eames’ methods and sensibilities really go. You young filmmakers should not only not be afraid of industrial or informational films, you shouldn’t even be afraid of not being filmmakers. I noted that this film treats Eratosthenes, Topology, Symmetry, (Something About) Functions, and a Story About the Power of Numbers. Mathematics is or are not my strength.

Having said that, I understand enough to perceive that these films are starting to add up, to accumulate in affect and influence. They’re Roberto Rossellini! Or Denis Diderot, even. One principle at a time, little by little, and they’ll educate the whole world. As usual, they are exemplary in their concision, clarity, and charm.