Lumber Jerks

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

This might help kids think about how woodland creatures feel about logging and such. There’s a circular saw bit to help in the capture and direction of those sympathies. It’s very well executed, even on the brink of terrifying. There’s actually an interesting hint of industrial process as they lay out and, slightly, portray the goings on in this mill. They’re making artificial logs and toothpicks out of all of those once mighty trees, which is a nice, effective, at least partly unfair knock against clear cutting commerce.

In the end, those gophers are kind of annoying, which isn’t all that new for this medium. It’s a tough balance they’re striking. It was true of the original Mickey M., even. How do you make sure of sufficient sass, without going obnoxiously overboard? Easier to read as a spectator, I’m sure, than to execute as a scrambling practitioner.