Speedy Gonzales

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

Here we are at the border, with a bunch of sleepy-eyed Mexican mice. Danger! Averted! It’s not only the absurdity of the task they have before them (infiltrating the border-straddling Ajax Cheese Factory), but it’s the gleeful hyperbole of their caricatures. This isn’t insensitivity or obliviousness. It’s gloves-off satire, with the usual WB foundation of affection. Why complain? Well, there may actually reasons for that. But, why complain only? There’s plenty of good, going on here.

Manuel is killed! And that’s some pile of hats. “He eez the fren of e-very-wan’s seester.” Wow! Very cheeky. When we meet Sr. Speedy he is all the targets at a shooting gallery. This is almost certainly in the reading of the piece, and not its original intention. But that is a richly suggestive situation. The colonized! Potentially finding some purchase in an externally imposed, less than optimum situation. You could go further. Is it like athletes from disadvantaged communities, making it out but at a considerable cultural cost? (But still making it out? But still at a considerable cultural cost?) Could be entertainers in general. Animators, even.

The Spanish gibberish is pretty funny. Actors are everything! (Unless it’s writers that are everything…) This next is also, doubtless, not intentional. But Sylvester is a border guard, and he is very effectively demonstrating the impossibility of blocking the Brownian flow of population. You can’t keep people from where they want to go! Or from where, due to the unstoppable pressures of population increase, they will inevitably flow.

The Speedy/Sylvester relationship is a bit roadrunner-like. Is this a knock-off, or a calculation? It’s certainly similar, and it’s not as profound.

That landmine joke! The way the cheese explosion backfires is quite nice. You get the impression they might be setting us up for a sequel.