The Three Stooges

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Playing the Ponies

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

This race is pretty implausible, which is good. Larry steals one from Charlie Chaplin (The Rink, 1916), and maybe the whole commedia tradition, by calculating the tab from the food he finds on his customer’s tie. This pepperinos gag is going to come back, isn’t it?  It’s a good one. I would like to say that Curly Howard really is a character for the ages. Look at that happy walk, so blithe and confident, unto bursting. Not only does he not know how dumb he is, his lack of self-knowledge actually makes the dumb disappear. He’s a holy fool! The bit with Moe and the swinging doors is good, as is the part where they all steal stuff. Larry and the weenies! They sure do slap that one guy…