Porky Chops

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

Directed by Arthur Davis? The hep-cat squirrel at the centre of this one is also an anomaly, a practical some-kind-of one-off. It’s so easy to key on master and masterpieces from this source, but we need to remember that there were lots of working people, and lots of product being R&D’d.

This squirrel is from Brooklyn, which seems like a good idea. It had worked for them before! In the background we see that Porky has cut all the trees down! There’s a good Avery-like iron tree gag. Speaking of which, we also have some funny torture jokes, if that’s your cup of tea. Makes you think of the Tex Avery’s similarly (agonizingly!) obnoxious Screwball Squirrel, whose various illustrious appearances preceded this one. (Look him up, 1944-46.) Not only product, but a copy! These torture jokes are practically of that same concept/craft calibre though, so you bear with the obnoxious, somewhat.