Wearing of the Grin

Film Review by Dean Duncan May 31, 2015

More Porky Gothic. These blarney stereotypes are harmless, and maybe not especially interesting. Except when the head leprechaun keeps telling his sidekick to calm down, over and over again, in the exact same somnolent tone. At this point the blarney becomes kind of passive aggressive, as in the subversion of Scots stereotypes in Alexander Mackendrick’s The Maggie (q.v.). That takes some confidence. Nerve, even. Lots of comedy seeks to ingratiate, but once in a while you find one willing to get on your nerves. Takes some courage/gotta give it credit, even if you don’t care for confrontation from your kids’ entertainment.

Porky’s shock take at seeing Seamus O’Toole’s silhouette is another Baseball Bugs-type flip book demonstration. The green shoes are obviously a celtification of Andersen’s red shoes. The way they chase Porky through that nightmare surrealscape—definitely cf. Dumbo, with Dalí following right after—is quite effective.