Rabbit Transit

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jul 13, 2015

We find Bugs in a spa, reading “The Tortoise and the Hare.” He is furious. Thus, the film that follows.  The tortoise’s running in place is funny. His slow speech is a very effective pace ritarder. The bike! The jet propelled shell is a good idea, and it’s very well sustained, all the way through. Bugs swims across the river because he doesn’t want to pay the toll. There’s both gag and character comedy for you. There’s a sensibility as well: pause, or be irrelevant every once in a while. For instance, look at this superb digression about the Christmas card from Cecil and the package from Bugs. Forceps, suture, scalpel—joke logic is as viable as narrative logic, or scientific law. The tunnel painted on the tree obviously looks forward to a whole mess of roadrunner jokes. Bugs is using his noodle. Interestingly at this late date he isn’t obnoxious or cruel. He is mischievous, but it’s not his dominant personality trait. He is willing to just go and get along. And he wins! Then gets arrested for speeding. More than fracturing for its own sake? Now it’s pointed satire, updating, reflecting.