The Three Stooges

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Slippery Silks

Film Review by Dean Duncan Jun 29, 2015

Nineteen films in and these guys are giving Chuck Jones a run for his money. The happiest oeuvre in the cinema? I’m probably getting carried away, but families do better from laughing together than subjecting each other to endless nagging or lectures. The introduction of that Chinese cabinet is as fateful and portentous as the introduction of Miss Gabler’s loaded pistol. Its destruction is delightful, and then there’s that glue as a bonus! Curly makes a very impressive escape on those skis.

The old inheritance ruse, eh? The boys’ work in the world of women’s fashions is quite gratifying  They actually do pretty well.  Here’s another example of the actors’ happy interaction with the lady actors: friendly, frank, with what you suspect is a generational gentlemanliness. The fashion show is a special delight, particularly with the outfits that look suspiciously like furniture. The end is a successful reprise of Pop Goes the Easel, except with pastry this time. That little hand/catapult makes a wonderful contribution. Many of the splats deserve further detailing, though I won’t undertake it at this time. Watch it.